Silky Haircare
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About Ys

Our Silky Bio-Keratin Protein Treatment line is made with an exclusive formulation of natural ingredients setting us apart from all other keratin in the market. Our products is made especially for women with Curly hair and African hair, with no use of Formaldehyde; odor, smoke or tear. Our active components in our products help control frizzy, coarse and unmanageable hair with the aid of vitamins, minerals and amino aids. With years of experience we have successfully established a strong relationship with many beauty salons all over the world.
Silky professional hair care products are coming from USA. The brand is proven worldwide, more than 5 million Set of professional hair care were sold. Silky Hair Care was designed around the idea that the ingredients and products we use to maintain and care for our hair should come directly from the resources nature has already created. After years of research, Silky Hair Care has found a way to tap into nature’s natural resources and capture the very ingredients people have been using for thousands of years to create silky, smooth, healthy hair. Not only have we perfected our Natural Silky Straightening Bio- Silky formula, but we have also added a complete line of hair care products – including shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask.